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Games (1999- )

> Crazy eights (2012)


> At the bottom of the pyramid



> SuperSystematic (2008)


> Poker-drawings (2006 / 2008)


> Conversations (2007)


> Freeze Out II (2007)


> Freeze Out I (2004)



Punishment circle-drawings:


> Tracks and traces (2003)


> Spirals (2001/2002)


> Stiff neck (2001)


> Test-audience drawings   



> Targets (2000)


> Drawing competition (1999)


> 54 Hour drawing (1999)



I´m fascinated by games in many ways. games are metaphors (for instance chess as a model of war), and games can be a framework for social interactions (where players either compete to win, or collaborate to create a memorable game). The element of repetition is also intriguing, where a set of rules create similar, but never identical courses.


Generative art is also about creating a set of rules, incorporate elements of randomness, execute them over and over, until the results cover all the possibilities allowed within the framework. Then it is time to change the rules, in the hope that something different, unexpected, more interesting will appear. Through two series of projects I have explored this method of working: Poker projects, and Punishment-circle drawings. 

The engine of the poker projects is, as the title suggests, the game of cards (the Texas hold´em version). Performances in the form of staged games, installations consisting of video-documentation, props and sculptural elements, as well as drafted visualizations of poker-tournaments are all tightly knitted together. The drawings resemble network maps and unorthodox statistics.


The punishment-circle drawings were pre-defined accuracy rehearsals with pen and ink, where “mistakes” were punished with an added task. Visually the drawings depended on mistakes to come alive, - as decorative organic shapes. Not images of nature, but natural processes.

These drawings led to a series of map works, a kinf of performances without audience, where the pen moved by the hand was switched with the whole body set in motion by forces outside myself, such as weather, seasonal changes, traffic etc. In these solo games I both constructed the game, defined the board (drawing paper, the city, the world), were the player and served as game piece, and referred the games afterwards (in the form of drawings). One of these projects, Beijing by bike (2012), is included here (see Crazy eights), while it made more sense to group the rest (Sun vs. shadow, Escape routes and others) in the map section of this site (the categories are closely connected and overlap).