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Map-projects (1997-)

> Floresta Submersa (2017)


> Reservoirs (2015)


> Animations, drawings,

   trusselbilder (2011)


> Medallandssandur (2010/ 11)


> Escape routes (2010)


> Commissions (2004-)


> Tracks and traces (2003)


> Proposals for a flat earth    (2003)


> A world-encompassing spiral    (2002)


> Sun vs shadow (2001)


> Network of people (1997)








Maps, especially old hand-drawn ones, are beautiful and intricate visual objects. They are also documents where information has been selected, organized, and often manipulated to fit different purposes. Through history mapmakers have put their parons interests at the centre, and chosen map-projections that stretches or reduces continents the way they saw most beneficent. Today this is well known, and my map project follow the same pattern, - being subjective and egocentric to the extreme. They are also documentation of various personal investigations, - explorations that creates narratives related to the short stories of Borges and Calvino.