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An anfractuous fire (2011)

Installation/ happening at One Night only, UKS, March 28th 2011


Maze Fire
Flame Fire drawing
Fire video  


One night only (ONO) is an arrangement for exhibitions made to last only the opening night. It started as a weekly event run by students from The National Art Academy in Oslo.


When I were invited to ONO I thought it was a good opportunity to work with short lived materials, and make a happening that related to the brief time frame


The result was a maze of tilted matches stuck into clay. When it was set fire to, it was supposed to burn like a slow domino effect, progressing though, and eventually out of the labyrinth, without igniting the matches that were not part of the solution, the path through the maze.



It took a while to make the process work according to the plan. In the beginning the line of matches did not connect well enough to ignite each other, and the fire went out several times. After adjusting their angle it worked as planned, - not as a spectacular pyro-show, but as a meditative sequence of micro-detonations, slowly creating a black anfractuous line through the maze.


I used an online "Maze generator" to design 100 equal-sized “high anfractuosity” labyrinths. The one I found most intriguing among these, was recreated on the floor and set fire to. Prints of all the 100 versions were hung on the walls around it.