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The Big bubble (+ The Bubble buoy) (2009)

From Inflations and expirations, Akershus Kunstsenter, 2009.


Installasjon Bobleplast
Skap Redningsbøye


These are two of the works from the exhibition Inflations and expirations at Akershus Center for Art. The show was installed in three rooms; a large, a medium, and a small one. The small one is the type of room that occasionally is left unused as an exhibition space, maybe to be used as a temporary storage instead.


I made a “temporary storage installation” from typical “exhibition leftover material”. The centerpiece was a bubble made out of bubble wrap and transparent package tape. During the peak of the finance crises there seemed to be bubbles everywhere; stock marked bubble, real estate bubble, art marked bubble and so on, - so the “Bubble-bubble” was a comment to the inflated use of bubble-metaphors.



While The Big bubble was located in the last room of the exhibition space, The Bubble buoy was places next to the entrance/ exit door. A bubble boy is an expression with several meanings; kid without an immunity system, aggressive computer virus, or the last player to exit a poker-tournament without a prize. I added a phonetic twin; The Bubble buoy, a paradoxical, dysfunctional object.


A rescue buoy is usually a reassuring object, but I see this one is more like a symbol of promises that cannot be fulfilled, a false reassurance of safety that may cause more damage by existing than if it didn´t.