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Floresta Submersa

Solo show at Tenthaus Oslo, march 2017.


After working with dammed lakes as a theme for 3-4 years in several contexts, I wanted to do a final project based on one particular reservoir.


The choice fell on Lake Balbina in Brazil, an ecological disaster where a unique fractal landscape has been created, full of archipelagos and dead trees halfway underwater. A labyrinthic and beautiful scenery - in a morbid, gothlike way.


While previous surveys of reservoirs have been done from afar, I wanted to move from the distant satellite perspective down to the ground. Thus I traveled to Lake Balbina, where I filmed the lake from a boat. The footage became the basis for the project.

Floresta Submersa consists og two series of drawings and a video, all of which can be seen as investigations, attempts to explore Balbina, as a location, as a scene, or as a kind of psychic mirror

.Manipultion of water also permeates the show. Man´s manipulation of its recources, an artist´s manipulation of water drops, and the water´s possible manipulation of itself.


The drawings are independant works, but also closely linked to the video named The Water Tower. It appears as a travelogue from a boat on its way through the remains of Balbinas dead, flooded forest. The narrator alternates between viewing the landscape from an environmentalist´s to a disaster tourist´s point of view. The voyage follow a search pattern, but its goals are shifing. The purpose is partly explained through the voyager´s running commentary track, which occationally is intercepted by song vignettes performed by the band Omo Sapiens.