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Escape routes

Two drawings. Ink on paper, 122 x 107 cm, and 109 x 109 cm.

Escape Paths
compass course Rendez -vouz

A study of escape routes by foot, in all directions.
Up to an hour. Wintertime. Moving discreet, not getting noticed, not running, staying cool. No trespassing. Keeping outdoors, avoiding ski tracks, deep snow, thin ice.
No parkour.

Avoid trouble.


(Translation of the text at the upper part of the first map).


The two maps document the result of this task; executed as hour-long walks through the city in (32) different compass directions. Two of the escape routes are emphasized  as particularly suited; the one that brings the escapee the furthest away, and the one most likely to throw pursuers off course.



The first map (Escape routes) emphasize the paths walked, while the second (Meeting points) focus on the relationship between time spent and travel (walking) distance.


The two maps contain no information neither of location or reasons for escaping.