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Medallandssandur (2010/ 11)

Five drawings (felt tipped pens on maps), 58 x 54 cm each.

SIM Whalesong
crop circle Humpback whale
H√łydekoter Lighthouse

I made this series by drawing on some old maps I had bought in a second hand bookstore in Reykjavik, Iceland during a residency stay there in June 2010. The original map is almost empty; only a small corner of land up to the left is depicted, the rest is a big blue void representing the sea, with no information whatsoever. I decided to add some.


5 drawings were shown at group exhibition by the SIM-residenies at the end of my stay in Iceland. The series, (expanded to 6) was shown again in Oslo, February 2011.


I made a new drawing in four parts for the show Island in November 2011. This time the Medallandssandur-map was supplemented by its 3 neighbour maps from the Icelandic South coast.