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Animations, drawings, trusselbilder

Solo exhibition with Catrine Thorstensen at Tegnerforbundet, Oslo, February 2011.

Exhibition Maritime Map
Drawings Escape
urban walks Artist book
nettworks Online traffic
language network lys
Pusteplanter Manholes


Escape routes

The Norwegian word "Trusselbilde" literarily translate to "Image of threat". This is a metaphor though, the "picture" refered to is never shown. The real meaning is more like "assesment of threat level".

Several of the projects in this exhibition play with how various threats may be visualized. The focus of these works lie both in exploring visual possibilities, and in the relationship between content and visual language.


Some of my works also deal with the consequences of threats; flight/ escape (for the individual) and surveillance (for the authorities).


My pieces were relatively literal. One refer to the controversial Privacy Data Retention Directive, another to locations of manholes around the city. The works of my partner Catrine Thorstensen (C.T) were more ambigous and sensual.

Different, but close enough to communicate, our works were partly mixed in the gallery space.



C.T and I also made an Artist book together as part of the exhibition. Í Máli og myndum is constructed as an eccentric travelogue from Iceland. It is the result of a month together at the SIM-residency in Reykjavik, June 2010 .


Some of the works in the exhibitions originates from this Iceland-trip, and these are developed/ explained further in the book. Otherwise the book-projects are authonomous, but have thematic links to the pieces in the gallery.