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A world-encompassing spiral (2002)

From the 2002 Drawing-biennial, Gallery F-15, Jel√łya.

Table maps Table maps
Table maps World map
World map Indian subcontinent
Indian subcontinent Map


The text below accompanied the works in the exhibition:


On my world map, Oslo is the centre. The map is a point-projection, where the world is wrapped up around one point, - Oslo.

In order to make the map coherent it has to be stretched out, more and more towards the edge. The edge itself is a single point, the geographically most remote from Oslo, stretched out to a full circle.


A world-encompassing circle is drawn in. It roughly shows the longest possible journey a person can make


without crossing ones own path, using pre-existing tracks. The route starts at the Oslo central station and follows sidewalks, footpaths, roads, and tracks for trains, boats and eventually planes.



A spiral on a globe will first expand, then close in on itself, until the traveller is trapped by his own path. This end point is the worlds most remote place, measured in travel-distance from Oslo. According to my research it is located in Kharagna, a small village in central India.
Kharagna is the centre of the second world map.


The projection was created with the help of Trond Eiken from the University of Oslo.