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Crazy eight (2012)

Kunstnerforbundet, Oslo, August 2012,

Deck Cards
Cards Deck og cards
Lemniscat Lemniscat
Bike trip Exhibition
Video Video stills


Crazy eights was a show with two projects conceived during residencies, (Reykjavik and Beijing), featuring mapping, labyrinthine constructions, and visualizations of large amounts of information, from very different sources.


Goddamn! consist of an illustrated deck of cards with a text/ essay for each card in a booklet. Together they re-tell a series of episodes loosely tied together by the swearing word Svarte Faen (literally Black Satan, - but more the equivalent to Goddamn).


The Desorient examine an assertion from a tourist guide that the culture of Beijing best can be understood through understanding (and mastering) how to manouver in the cities chaotic traffic. I created a task for myself to achieve this insight; cycling through several crossroads repeatedly in a figure of eight pattern (because it is possible to cross diagonally).




The task was executed at four selected spots, day and night, and filmed with a camera mounted in the basked in front of the bike. The footage was edited into a two part video work, and supplemented with four drawings, - one for each crossroad. 


The drawings are quite minimalist, but the films show the amount of information that went into them; the rhythm of the traffic, the opening and closing of spaces, the struggle between drivers, bikers and pedestrians, the methods used to make progress: raw power, measured risqué-taking, dexterity or nerve. Acts of individualism challenge the idea of China as a collectivistic society with an authoritarian culture. Groups exploiting the power of acting as a unit reconfirm the previously challenged preconceptions. Each element makes its mark; defining the direction of a dotted line, or the size of a blue circle.