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Freeze Out II (2007)

From the exhibition Contemporary Scandinavian Art, Scottsdale Museum of Contemporary Art, (SMoCA), May 2007.

SMoCA Players instructions
Game Stack
Stack Poker drawing
Poker drawing Poker drawing
Poker drawing  


My works for this exhibition were based on Freeze out I from 2004, and Poker-drawings from 2006.

It started as a poker-performance, a staged poker-tournament for 13 players, 6 weeks prior to the exhibition. Initially we wanted to arrange it in the local casino run by Native Americans. Unfortunately that didn´t work out, so the performance took place in the art museum during the opening hours. The works in the following show were based on the performance: video documentation surrounded by players´ instruction sheets, data translated into drawings, and a very slim sculpture.


The tube-sculpture was made out of all the chips that were in play during the tournament, stacked in the same sequence that the winner of the game got hold of them. Each player had uniqely coloured chips, which made it possible to follow the exchange of values in the video, before the chips found their final place in the “cronological stack”/ “core-sample”- sculpture.








I made one drawing before the performance, a mix of handwritten text and illustration, describing the 13 characters, and predicating the outcome of the tournament. After the performance I made 3 more drawings based on what actually happened. They apply different methods of organizing the information that was generated, each drawing emphasize different aspects of it.