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Poker-drawings I and II (2006/2008)



Two series of 10 pen and ink drawings (one drawing for each possible placement in a ten person online poker tournament), 50 x 63 cm each (poker-drawings I), and various sizes up to 85 x 85 cm (poker-drawings II).

Both series is supplemented by an index of signs.


Poker-drawings I was shown at The annual autumn exhibition 2006, Kunstnernes hus, Oslo, and Schutz und scham, Gallery COMA, Berlin, December 2006.

Poker-drawings II was shown at drawing biennial 2008, Kunstnernes hus, Oslo.


The drawings were transcriptions of poker-tournaments I played online. The actions of each player is shown as a series of specific symbols, while the players involved in each hand is connected with lines. The two series employ the same set of symbols, but arrange them differently.