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SuperSystematic 2008

Gallery Trafo I, Asker, May 2008 (picture 1-10), and Gallery MGM, August 2008 (picture 11-14).

poker, statistikk
poker skai, benk
statistikk statistikk


Since online poker became popular around 2003, enormous amount of money have changes hands daily, - a constant flow of values. I wanted to visualize this circuitry, and the relationship between chance and predictability within it, using my own participation as a case study. The task I set for myself in this project was to play 100 tournaments, and keeping accurate account of my play and the results of them.


The outcome of these games were turned into graphs, presented in different constellations. Each graph describe a tournament hand by hand, - showing the swings in capital though tournaments.


The two first series of (digital) drawings focuses on results; profit, loss, time spent and placements. The third series (video and wall charts) change focus to the shapes of the graphs, and gets more absurd. The last one is about constructing different versions of the "average" graphs.

In a way the works in this exhibition are battlegrounds where the presentation of information fights aesthetic concerns. The poker players and the artist share a fixation on repetition and detail, but they are motivated by different goals.

And of course; the desire to present statistics in a way that is honest and easy to grasp quickly collide with the urge to put oneself and one’s own merits in a favourable light...