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World Square Atlas (2015)

Artist´s book, 26 x 21 cm, 120 pages. Texts in norwegian.


I´ve made maps for years, so it´s perhaps natural that the idea of making an atlas startet growing. I just needed a geography. Eventually I found it, an area of 37 x 31 meters, in eastern Oslo, Norway. A spot I knew well.


My commisioned work River Bank is embedded there, in a square, in a park, like a big map scaled up and brought back outside. It features a collection of «Lost rivers», polished into flagstones, arranged in a particular manner. There are lots of references and stories related to the models of river (and dams), whether they depict little local streams, large transnational rivers or deltas, or personal «donations» from local people.



To give access to background material for the River bank it was neccesary with a reference guide or a map, which grew into an atlas. The atlas is functional and works as such, but more than anything it was created to be an autonoumous Artist´s book. It may be filled with nerdy facts, but it´s also playful, lyrical and crammed with excessively detailed illustrations.