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Í máli og myndum 2 - pieces of and on Iceland (2011)

Artist book edited together with Catrine Thorsensen, 96 pages., 25 x 21 cm.

Pedestal Core Values
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Í Máli og myndum is a joint effort from me and Catrine Thorstensen, the result of staying together at the SIM-residency in Reykjavik in June 2010. The book contains 1-15 pages long projects, all somehow related to Iceland. They are arranged according to geographical locations as an eccentric (tourist) guidebook.


The first Máli was in Norwegian, released in correspondence with the exhibition Trusselbilder in Oslo, February 2011. An invitation to the exhibition "Island: 22 Artists on Iceland" in Detroit, triggered the



The contributors (alphabetically):


Eszter Burghardt

Jan Christensen

Sabine Höpner

Her and Her

(Fiona Short/ Sarah Forrest)


(Ingunn Fjóla Ingþórsdóttir/ Þórdis Jóhannesdóttir)

Juliana Espãna Keller   

Nicole Pietrantoni/ Devon Wootten

Nina Rizzo

Amy Sacksteder

Hege Dons Samset

Klaus Taschler


idea of an English version. We decided to make room for some guest contributions, so during spring 2011 we invited all our co-habitants from Reykjavik 2010 to send us some Iceland-related work fit for a book.


The response was good, and the amount of new material gave the English Máli 2 a character of its own. About half of it consists of 11 contributions from 14 artists in total, in a wide range of medias. The other half is our own projects, tightened up and partly reworked from the initial, Norwegian version.