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Sun vs shadow/ Nansen returned (2001)

A 20 page project for the Young artist society biennial book 2001.


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This project was in a sense a scaled up version of my “punishment-circle drawings”, where the pen moved by my hand was switched with my body being moved by the “gravity” of the sun, along the “labyrinth” of roads and footpaths in the region around my home.


The project is a search to get the answer to the question “what can bring me farthest: following the sun, or following my shadow?”. In order to know I followed the sun/ my shadow (The sun one day, my shadow the next) every sunny day, from sunrise to sunset, from the shortest to the longest day of the year.

This task was carried out during the winter/ spring of 2001, using my home as the starting point for the walks.


It was documented with photos of the sunrise every day from the same spot (the roof of my house). The walks was represented with hand-drawn maps and logbook texts.


The second part of the project was a fictional text, a tale similar to the stories of Borges and Calvino. Basically it investigates what happens if I apply a different set of rules to how the sun/ shadow should be followed, but since I weren’t going to do the walking, I used the ghosts of the polar explorers Nansen and Amundsen as puppets. Their paths brings up key-elements from their biographies, creating a fable about polar oppositions and a “national-alchemical” unification project.