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Search pattern for a chance meeting (Manual, 2006)

(Søkemønster for et tilfeldig møte, - the text was written in Norwegian)



produced by Line Bøhmer Løkken

and Tine Aamodt.

ISBN: 978-82-92224-05-5


Illustration (exit the Oslo-map).

Ink on paper + photoshopcollage. 20 x15 cm.

3 page project for "Manual".

Manual is an artist book where the contributors made models, outlines, or recipes for artworks or projects the reader of the book could complete themselves. I wrote and illustrated a suggestion based on the “world encompassing spiral”- project. In this case the spiral became a “search pattern for a random meeting”, where an accidental meeting with an old friend, lover or associate were the sole purpose of the project.

It should occure at an improbable location.


Manual can be bought at the artist-book store

Torpedo kunstbokhandel in Oslo.