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Sounds of silver echoing (2011)

From the group exhibition Island: 22 artists on Iceland, University Gallery, Ypsilanti, USA

sound of silver vitrine
cardhouses clubs
spades hearts
vitrine book
map Lighthouse

The first event happened in Antarctica 1919, within a secluded community of whalers. There was another incident in a park in the middle of the city of Oslo, on a hot summer afternoon 2007. Both of them featured football, violence and racism, and both escalated completely out of proportions. A third and forth event connects them.


The core of this project is a deck of illustrated cards and an explanatory booklet. Rather than an illustrated story, the images serve as doors to the texts. The reader, spectator, (or player) have the choice between 53 entry points to a group of loosely connected narratives without a clearly defined beginning or end. The deck of card examines the roles of culprits, the victims, investigators, witnesses, interpreters, players, locations, catalysts, documents and evidence.



IThe deck also document it’s own creation. A visit to the south of Iceland lead to a research of something else, spawning the idea of the playing cards as a sidetrack. An invitation to an exhibition in Detroit lead to it’s realization. As the creator of the deck, I have included myself among the interpreters. None of them are to be trusted. Me neither.


In Ypsilanti (Detroit) I presented a prototype of the deck, together with a series of map-drawings emphasizing the connection to Iceland. I intend to produce a multiple of it, a box containing two decks of cards and the booklet.