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54 Hour drawing (1999)

Ink on paper, 159 X 159 cm. Exhibited in the annual autumn exhibition 1999, Kunstnernes hus (Artists house), Oslo.


Short version of the text written in the 4 corners of the drawing:


I draw circles around each other, as close to each other as possible, as fast as possible, using a 2 mm round-tipped split-pen and ink.


The line/ circle I am drawing should not touch the line within. The consequence of a mistake (a touch), is that I have to draw a “punishment-circle”, - a small circle “growing out” from the main circle at the spot where a mistake was made.


I draw in hour-sequences. When time is up I complete the circle I have started drawing.


During each hour-session the ink is mixed with water in correspondence to the number of mistakes being made. The darkest circles marks the beginning of a new hour-session.


The drawing will be finished when I cannot complete one circle in an hour. (This happened during the 54th hour-session).