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Test-audience drawings (2000-2001)

84 Drawings, pen and ink, each 36 X 36 cm.

Targets Targets
Targets Targets

These are two-hour “Punishment-circle” drawings following the same rules as 54 Hour drawing (except that the line change direction when a mistake is made).


This project is made up of two series of drawings developing through generations, the same way as the Targets series did. In this case however, each generation of drawings consists of four “candidates” deriving from the same starting-point. One of these would be the parent of the next generation of drawings. A test audience (people I met regularly or on occasion) decided which one. The first generation drawings consisting of six specimen in various colours. My test-




panel chose the violet drawing to be “the best” and the red to be “the worst”. The offspring in the violet series would from now on derive from the chosen “best” candidate, and the offspring in the red from the “worst”. Would the taste of my test-panel(s) guide the series in different directions?


After having drawn ten generations I felt the series didn’t really do that, - go anywhere, and chose to end the project. It produced some nice individual pieces though. Some ended up in the exhibition “It´s alive!” in various reworked states.