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Targets (2000)

49 Drawings, 29.6 X 29.6 cm. Clothpegs. Nylon line.

Targets Targets
Targets Targets

From “First course”, Gallery 21-26, Oslo. February 2000.

3 series of one-hour drawings, following the same rules as 54 Hour drawing.

The first drawing in each series is executed from the centre of the paper and outwards for an hour. The final outline of the result marks the starting-point for the second drawing. Here the method is inverted, I draw from the outside and inwards. This is more difficult, and I have to draw slower. A hole is still left in the middle after drawing for another hour. This becomes the starting-point for the third drawing, executed outwards again...




The draftsmen of the 3 series are imaginary characters. The first is “The Obsessive”, who is constantly trying to push the limits of how close it is possible to draw lines to each other (forcing him to draw extremely slow). The second is “The Pragmatic”, concentrating on finding a good flow, - a balance where nothing gets out of hand, but some mistakes are tolerated. The third is “The Safety-junkie”, a character who`s basic concern is to avoid making mistakes.