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Drawing competition (1999)

Performance and installation.

Targets Targets
Targets Targets
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Torgeir Husevaag vs Timo Pitkämö , at the exhibition Weisse Zwerge und Rote Riesen, Gallery Neu Deli, Weimar, December 1999.

With Camilla Øyhus, Ingegerd Johansson (drip-counter-operators), and judge Johannes. Performance photos by Eivind Lentz.


A performance for two draftsmen, two assistants, and one judge, based on the same set of rules as for “54 hour drawing”. My opponent and me each made one drawing, working against space and time-limits. The performance worked similar to a game of chess, where each player alternates in making their “moves” (drawing one circle). A kind of introverted intensity was created during the (almost) two hours the performance lasted.

It was concluded when my opponent ran out of space, at the point when I had 3 minutes of time left, and he had 5.

The drawings we made and the props we used, remained as an installation throughout the exhibition.