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Beelines (2013)

Commission for The New Hokksund Junior High School, in cooperation with Catrine Thorstensen

Stuffed albatross


Together with Catrine Thorstensen I were invited to make a work for the canteen at Hokksund Junior High School. We wanted to create something that both related to the space, the institution, and the local area.


Outside the small town of Hokksund there is a lake called Fiskumvann, used as a rest-stop by migratory birds. We thought the lake and the school had one thing in common, they both served as transit locations, one for birds, the other for humans in a phase where there is a lot of changes going on. With this in mind we decided to make flight the subject of the commission, exemplified by a huge pair of wings painted directly on both walls, embracing the whole room, thus unifying all the smaller, more detailed pieces of the project.


There are three groups of these; the first is Aspirants; insects using the achievments  of man to amplify their own flight ability, the second is Lines of orientation: semi-scientific studies of potential flight pattens among groups of vagrant birds, and the third is the most substancial part: Stuffed Albatross.





In 1837 two grey headed albatrosses were discovered and killed at Lake Fiskumvann, the only sighting of this species in the northern hemisphere. How did these two birds end up this far away from their natural habitat? An answer is suggested here, in an illustrated rhyme.


We tried to make an diversified collection of pieces, playing with both the mythology, symbolism, and cliches associated with the topic of flight.