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Language-based projects (1998-)

> World Square Atlas (2015)


> Outtakes (2013/ 05)


> Stuffed albatross (2013)


> Sounds of silver echoing (svarte faen) (2011/ 12)


> Í máli og myndum 2 (2011)


> Antimatter (2009)


> Search pattern for a chance    meeting (Manual 2006)


> One woman - 13 men (2005)


> Sun vs shadow  (2001)


> Graduation-exhibition (2000)


> Concerning the weight of    words (1998)





The majority of my projects deal with language (or semiotics) in some way, since they consist of signs representing specific information. The map and poker-projects are the most relevant examples.


The projects grouped as "language-based" deals specifically with words, either with the subject of translation, with narratives, and often specifically with the Norwegian language. I guess the latter is a minor barrier to the reader of this text...


Anyway, although wordplay and paradox-inducing juxtapositions in norwegian is out of reach for English readers, the visual element is as important here as with my other projects.