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An Anfractuous Fire (2011).

One Night Only (ONO) was a series of shows made to last only the opening night - a weekly event run by students at the Art Academy in Oslo. When I were invited I thought it were a good opportunity to work time based with materials that would not last through an ordinary exhibition.

     I used an online maze generator to design 100 different “high anfractuosity” labyrinths. My favourite of these was recreated out of tilted matches stuck into clay. When it was set fire to, the matches were supposed to create a domino effect, burning the way though labyrinth, without igniting the matches that weren't part of the solution.

     Initially the fire went out several times, and I had to adjust the line of matches. After a while it worked as planned - not as a spectacular pyro show, but as a meditative fire-drawing lasting 4 hours, a sequence of small micro-detonations, slowly creating a black twisted line.

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