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The Forest Fellow (is Afraid) (2021)

The Forest Fellow is Afraid (Skogkaren) is a video work closely related to the films Junaiten, about how Alzheimer´s Disease affected my father. This film tells about how a former elite orienteering competitor lost his bearings. It was shown simultaneously on three 17 inch picture screens, where the first was devoted to reviews of his triumphs, the second to orienteering trails drawn as constellations of “guiding stars” which gradually overlapped and became confusing. The third part examined several handwritten texts. The central one is a rhyme written as part of the giddy initiation rite for a club for senior competitors. The text appear to be humourous and self-deprecating, but with the author's knowledge of his incipient illness in mind, lines about getting lost in the forest become both a real concern and uncomfortably prophetic. The prophecy came true a few years later.

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