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Beelines (2013).

Commission for Hokksund Junior High School. Collaboration with Catrine Thorstensen.

Outside the small town of Hokksund, there is a rest-stop for migratory birds: Lake Fiskumvann. When C. Thorstensen and I were invited to make a commission at Hokksund Junior High School we imagined (high) schools as a similar kind of transit locations - for humans in a turbulent phase. With this in mind we made flight the subject of the art work, exemplified by a huge pair of wings painted directly on two facing walls in the canteen. The wings embraces the room and unified the whole commission, which includes a few series of mid-size and small drawings. It's a diversified collection of pieces, where we tried to play with both the mythology, symbolism, and cliches associated with the topic of flight.

     The most substantial element is called Stuffed Albatross. It is based on historical facts: In 1837 two grey headed albatrosses were discovered at Lake Fiskumvann, and killed. This is the only sighting of this species in the Northern Hemisphere. How did the birds end up this far away from their natural habitat? An answer is suggested here, in an illustrated rhyme.

     Vagrant birds are a recurring theme in Beelines. These are birds that can be found off their natural home or course, often lost or in trouble. They may have a mental defect – a flaw in their inner compass. Still, vagrant birds sometimes, by accident, serve a purpose for their species by discovering new and greener pastures. As artists, we relate to vagrant birds.

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