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Eccentrically Loaded Columns (2020)

A series of ink drawings up to 73 x 108 cm. They were were made in a "dialogue" with a work manual from the 1950s used by my father: Reinforced Concrete Design Handbook. Diagrams from the book became an underlying structure for a series of generative drawings, and terminology from the book was incorporated into their legends.

     The drawings were made for the exhibition Drawing & Text, a group show initiated by Tegnerforbundet (The Norwegian Drawing Association) in cooperation with Nordic Artists’ Centre Dale (NKD). Five artists, Ebba Bring, Sebastian Larsmo, Kirsten Opstad, Johan Söderström and me were awarded a three months residency at NKD to prepare the show held at Tegnerforbundet immediately after the expiration of the residency, June 2020. Nine drawings produced at the residency were shown there. Several of them has been exhibited in other shows later.

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