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One Woman - 13 Men (2005)
Outtakes (2013)

Artist book, Black and white, 84 pages, A3-magazine. Norwegian texts.


A headline in a Norwegian paper (Én kvinne – 13 menn / One Woman – 13 Men) became the starting point for this project. Characterisations of individuals were cut out from papers and magazines and grouped according to all kind of themes in the same ratio as the title indicates, 124 groups in total. It was released as a simulated scrapbook.


The group show It´s a girl at Akershus Kunstsenter (now NITJA) was a response to the Norwegian 100-year jubilee for women’s right to vote. Curator Tor Arne Samuelsen wanted to include my magazine, since it explores the subject of gender misrepresentation in a playful manner.

     For the show I also made an installation of «Outtakes» from One Woman …, texts that were part of the pool of material for the book, but didn’t make it to the final version. There was about 1200 of them. The ratio of gender imbalance in the book had to be kept at a strict discrimination regime of 1:13. Strangely enough, the rejects turned out to have almost the same ratio, approximately 1:12.

It´s a girl featured:

Lilibeth Cuenca Rasmussen, Birgitte Sigmundstad, True Solvang Vevatne and Lotte Konow Lund in cooperation with Wenche Gulbransen and students of the Oslo Academy of Arts: Mari Ø. Kjøll, Kjersti Lande, Sofie M. Nørsteng, Siren E. Dversnes, Merete J. Aune, Sofia Karyofilis, Yola M. Tsolis, Signe A. Løvaas, Helen T. Coward, Grete J. H. Skibnes, Margareth E. Kaale, and Mari M. Kristoffersen.

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