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Maps of Secret Fishing Locations (2004).

Commission for The Norwegian Coastal Administrations headquarters in Ålesund, 2004.


6 Drawings, ink on paper on board, size from ca. 60 x 70 cm to ca. 135 x 170 cm.


The Norwegian Coastal Administration handle all the public information concerning the Norwegian maritime sector. When I were commissioned to make a suite of works for them, I wanted to provide something they didn’t have access to, although it was related to the sea. I chose to document unofficial local knowledge.

     I made maps of six individuals private “secret” fishing-spots (a very limited, well-defined place with excellent conditions for fishing). Each map show one of these and how to take bearings (without using a GPS). However, the maps zoom in on very small areas, and contains no names or latitudes/ longitudes. The secrets of my informers are thus protected.


In 2016, when The Coastal Administration relocated, the drawings were transferred to NIFES (National Institute of Nutrition and Seafood Research), in Bergen.

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