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Floresta Submersa - 2017

I had been working with dams and man-made lakes as a subject matter for 3-4 years. Now I wanted to consentrate on one particular reservoir: Lago Balbina in Brazil. This huge, shallow lake has created a labyrinthic, fractal landscape in the middle of the rain forest, full of archipelagos and flooded, dead trees. It’s an ecological disaster for sure, but also a beautiful scenery - in a morbid, gothlike way.

     While my previous drawings of reservoirs have been based on google and a distant satellite perspective, I wanted to get out in the field and down to water level this time. So I visited Lake Balbina and filmed it from a small boat. The footage became the basis for an exhibition at Tenthaus Oslo, march 2017. The drawings were part of it, depicting the lake, travel-routes within it, and an aim for a search. They are independent works, but also closely linked to the video  "The Water Tower".

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