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Junaiten - Two Life Stories (2023)

Junaiten is a 20 minutes long film that brings together two conflicting accounts of my fathers life - one from each of my parents. My father lived in the western USA for most of the 1950s. When he got Alzheimers in the 1990s, he was asked to write his life story. He sort of did, and his expat-period period totally dominated his summary.
     At the same time his wife assembled a memorial album for him. Through the selection of photographs and subtitles, she also told her husband's life story - a completely different version. The gap between narratives opens for reflections on what constitutes the "essence" of a person's life, and on how we all edit our stories. In terms of form, Junaiten is a poetic montage film, where the narrative alternates between two storylines that move towards each other from opposite ends – from the beginning of a life and (almost) from the end of it. But the two never connects. The stories are told with words, drawings, and private photographs, which flow in and out of each other. The film was shown for the first time as a projection at my solo show at Indre Østfold Kunstsenter, March 2023.

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