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Junaiten - Two Life Stories (2023)
Half a Life Story (2023)
Triangulated Biography (2023)

Junaiten is a 20 minutes long film that brings together two conflicting accounts of my fathers life - one from each of my parents. 

     When my father got Alzheimers in the 1990s, he was asked to write his life story. In response, he wrote a CV-like summary which ends abruptly in 1959.
     At the same time his wife assembled a memorial album for him. Her album also tells her husband's life story - a completely different version, starting in 1961. The gap between narratives opens for reflections on what constitutes the "essence" of a person's life, and on how we all edit our stories. The narrative of the film alternates between two storylines that move towards each other from opposite ends – from the beginning of a life and (almost) from the end of it. They never connect. The stories are told with voice-over and montages of drawings and private photographs.

I recreated the 95 photos of my mother's memory album as drawings, partly to separate the images “belonging” to each of my parents' story in the film, partly to lift and unify the album's material visually, and partly to create a kind of filter.

      The series of drawings have been shown as an autonomous work, installed as spreads from an album, or in cabinets. 

A Triangulated Biography was the third work from my solo show Junaiten II at Østfold Kunstsenter. It's a map tracing the route described in my fathers life story.


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