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World Square Atlas (2015).

Artist's book, 26 x 21 cm, 120 pages. Texts in Norwegian.

My commission River Bank for The World Park at Furuset in Oslo, resembles a big map scaled up and brought back outdoors. It features a collection of «Lost rivers», polished into flagstones, arranged clockwise in a chronological order. The specimen vary from little local streams to large transnational rivers or deltas, or personal «donations» from local contributors.

     I had collected a lot of background material about the elements and parts of this work, and I wanted to make this available in a reference guide or a map. It grew into an atlas. The World Square Atlas is not a documentation of a work of art, it does not include any photos. It does, however, works as a functional collection of maps, but most of all it is meant to be an autonomous Artist's book. It contains both personal stories from contributors, and loads of nerdy facts and figures. All in all, it is a labour of love for me, a quite playful and whimsical collection of texts, illustrations and maps drawn by hand.

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