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Sun vs Shadow (2001)
Search Pattern for a Chance Meeting (2005)

A 20-page project for the UKS biennial 2001: Book (UKS = Young Artist's Society).


In this project I allowed my body to be moved by the “gravity” of the sun, along a “labyrinth” of suburban roads and footpaths.

     The task was a search for the answer to the question “What can bring me farthest: following the sun or following my shadow?”. During the winter/ spring of 2001, I alternated between following the sun and following my shadow for a full day, every sunny day, from sunrise to sunset, from the shortest to the longest day of the year. I weren´t walking all day, usually I would get stuck in a dead end for hours, until the suns position had changed enough to set me free. I would also follow a set of rules that allowed me to learn from experience, and not get stuck in the same trap the next time.

     My home served as the starting point for the walks. I photographed the sunrise every morning from the same spot (the roof of my house) and documented the walks with hand-drawn maps and logbook texts.

     The end result was presented in an artist’s book, together with a second part of the project, a magic realistic tale about the ghosts of polar explorers Nansen and Amundsen.

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