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Reservoirs - 2013-15

The Reservoirs-series is a selection of ca. 12 man-made lakes was drawn from satellite images. The portrayed reservoirs were chosen either from shape or from the political or environmental impact each of them has caused. The alteration of nature is emphasized by including the courses of the rivers that ran through the flooded landscape beforehand.

     The project started out as a spinoff from the Artist’s Book World Square Atlas, (which was a spinoff from the public artwork River Bank). I thought the reservoirs deserved an autonomous series of drawings.

     The decorative drawing style is based on maps from the 19th century, a method that emphasizes coast lines. The outlines of artificial lake have a sharp, jagged character - they are both aestetical and aggressive. They can both look like jewels and like gashes in their surroundings. 

     Such a slow method of drawing is obviously not a rational way to draw maps in the 21st century. When it was the rational way, the lakes in case could not have been portrayed, they did not exist.

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