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Medallandssandur (2010/11).
To the Lighthouses (2011).

During a residency at SIM in Reykjavik, June 2010, I found a pile of old Icelandic maps in a second hand store. One of the maps, No 117 Grimsstadir, depicts a little piece of land up in the corner, with sand dunes, a lighthouse, and a shelter for shipwrecked sailors. The ocean covers the rest of the map, presented as an even, blue colourfield. There's no info about dept of water, or currents, ship-routes, places to go fishing …

     The map had room to add things. Phenomenons. Decorations. I made a series of felt tip pen drawings on the 12 copies I had bought. A few maps got ruined, but six that came out well was shown at (among others) Tegnerforbundet, February 2011.

The Grimstadir-map (featuring the Madallandssandur-coastline) is part of a map series covering all of Iceland. The drawings that made up my next project: To the Lighthouses, included its neighbour-maps, and was part of a larger work connecting several islands and historical events.

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