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Ripple Clock (2019-2021)
The Deflowering of Compass Roses (2022)
Mirage Ramonas (2022)

The Ripple Clock is a series of generative drawings where a basic circle shape is affected by chain reactions set off by small drawing inaccuracies. Early specimen of the series weren't very altered by inaccuracies, these initial drawings are symmetrical and densely filled with short split pen strokes. The algorithm was, however, designed to put increasing pressure on each new drawing. The series slowly deteriorated, until the shape collapsed. Through the final seven drawings the circle gradually got restored.

     The 61 drawings was completed 2019, then reworked digitally and animated to the film Sonar.

     The original drawings went through a second, analytical phase. Holes, growths, displacements, and mistakes were counted and measured. Scales, numbers, comments and signs were added.

     34 of the drawings were shown as an installation at Kunstplass [Oslo] may 2021, together with Sonar and three other videos that were dealing with my fathers alzheimers-disease.

     Summer 2022, a selection of 11 of the drawings were presented in a more straight forward manner at Trondhjem Kunstforening, together with two other series based on the same principles: Compass Roses and Ramonas. 

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