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Sonar (2021)

Sonar is a 13 min long animation, or perhaps montagefilm, with an original score composed by Arne Borgan. It was initially shown as a projection within an installation at Kunstplass [Oslo], May 2021.

     The film consists of 61 circle-shaped drawings flowing in and out of each other. The drawings are generative, they form a sequence of gradual disintegration and restoration, partly resembling a clockwork.

     After the first stage of the drawings were completed in 2019, they were reworked digitally and animated. In the video, the relationship to a clock is heightened: Sonar consists of 13 cycles lasting 60 seconds each, where two drawings at the time mesh cronologically. For each cycle the number of drawings included is reduced. The 2nd cycle includes every second drawing (no 1-3-5-7 etc.). The subsequent cycles includes every 3rd 4th, 5th, 6th, 10th -12 – 15 – 20 – 30th drawing (every number dividable by 60). The cycles always last 60 seconds, so when the numbers of drawings are reduced, the transitions between them are stretched to compensate. Thus the rhythm slows down. Arne Borgans electronic soundtrack emphasize this transition by shifting from pulsating to meditative.

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